TFM is a professional football player working on improving his golf game enough so he can compete on the senior tour

The first section of the book endeavors to introduce TFM. The method differs from the traditional format. If you need a traditional format, Bill Bradley wrote a book called Time Present, Time Past try and read it. I made it to page 58. Bradley's book cost three dollars off the clearance rack two years ago so it may be hard to find. Holy cow! You can see now why I'm not a rich man. With the right attitude a person can convert minor missteps into opportunities. I'll be putting this add on E-bay this afternoon.

Rare excellent condition hardcover book by Presidential Candidate Bill Bradley, sure to become a collectors item. Comes with cover. Shows no sign of wear. This book has been carried on over twenty business trips and reader often chose this book to help relax prior to turning in for the night. One owner. Buy prior to election since value is sure to soar. $5.00 shipping charges in the continental United States. Happy Bidding.

If youíre not reading this book you know the sale went well and TFM and family now live the good life in a 3500 square foot house beside the first tee box of a nice golf course. Of Course, to my disappointment you are reading this book. Bradleyís campaigned turned out to be as interesting as his book and the person I designated as the only candidate in the primaries I would not vote for in November got the nomination. Iím glad I watched the convention because this changed my mind. It was tearing me up that I may have to vote against the party both in the Senate and Presidential races. Believe it or not I heavily leaned toward the Arizona Senator for a while. Boy Iím glad he didnít win! A short while ago the Air Force had an opportunity to get a great Secretary. There was one problem he was a fighter pilot that didnít believe all fighter pilots were God. This caused the some of the rest of the fraternity to say disparaging things about the candidate. The Arizona Senator believing he had heard from the almighty made his decision and left the proceedings well before all the information was presented, this effectively killed the nomination.

Currently, the Senator from Arizona holds an undefendable position concerning general aviation. In order to shut out debate he works diligently to block the nomination of Phil Boyer to the Federal Aviation Management Advisory Council (MAC). You see the Arizona Senator learned well the lesson presented when the major candidates allowed Jesse to participate in the Minn. debates. It scares me to think the bumper sticker I saw recently may have a point. It read, "If voting could actually change things - it would be illegal". This is true as long as people keep electing men like the Senator from Arizona. With luck the notoriety he gained in his Presidential campaign will cause the voters of Arizona to take notice of all the things he does as a Senator. This surely will lead to better leadership in the Senate.

A traditional profile of TFM - out of the question, there would need to be considerable fibbing involved in order to elevate any of his acquaintances to sainthood. Besides resumes are meant for people to lazy to actually care about the people they hire. Add to that the misperceptions most people conceive about their own character and you begin to understand the fruitlessness of writing your own profile. Therefore instead of writing characterizations claiming fairness, compassion, intelligence, moral fortitude, racial justice, or any other personality trait I've written a series of exposťs on the activities that consume most of my time. From them you can get an idea of how moral, honest, perverted, racist, liberal, dedicated and hard working I am. With any luck you'll judge these characteristics good enough to continue reading the next section and examine the issues addressed in section 2 and ultimately chose TFM for Senate.

The likelihood of capitalizing on the fame of being a professional ball player diminishes every year since I've been unemployed in my chosen profession my entire life. Marv Levy and the Bills were kind enough to send "thanks, but we don't want you letters" a couple of times. That seemed like success at the time. Unfortunately, the progress of the golf game will likely ensure continued amateur status. But if you can't perform on the field at least you can write about the game.

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