A book to spend time with ... tfm4Senate
political humor
Who Here Read It:
Wife yes, but certainly not my mother
Overall Rating:
Somewhere between D- and A+++
Description of the Book:
Solves the problems of the world without specifically addressing any particular item

Topics and Fees
Campaign Finance - $50,000
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Education in America - $40.00
Stock Advice - your life savings
Sports - a week in Reno

Any publishing company can buy the right to publish this book. - For an 8 million dollar advance and a portion of the sales, tfm will take three weeks off work to finish the book.

Ocassionally companies will hire a publicist to promote their company. These publicist then bogart the domain names of other people. Under no circumstance is tfm4senate.com to be used in this manner. If a company does not restrict the publicist from using tfm4senate.com in this manner the company agrees to pay $4000 American money for each week the domain is used in their advertising campaign.

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*Publishing Date
Ongoing throughout the 21st Century
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