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Because the only other choice is Hillary and she's way too intense.

Section 1 - Profile
TFM is a professional football player working on improving his golf game enough so he can compete on the senior tour.

Chapter 1 - Sports:
TFM's views come directly from his Western Pennsylvania roots: Every game in every sport is fixed - unless his team wins of course.

Chapter 2 - Movies: (Available 13 Nov - 21 Nov) Delayed due to poor sentence structure and concept development
R is for ridiculous: PG - pretty goofed up

Chapter 3 - Stocks
How to turn $5000 into $4500 in just one year!

Chapter 4 - Work History:
As a professional football player TFM's always been unemployed - so how did he get enough money to run for Senate?

Chapter 5 - The WEB:
The problem with the Internet is any nut case can publish a book

Chapter 6 - Sex:
Male - need I say more.

Chapter 7 - Immoral TFM: (Available only to Book Purchasers)
It might as well come out now.

Section 2 - Politics
This is the serious stuff.

Chapter 1- Campaign Finance Reform
A system where voters carry more influence.

Chapter 2 - Education
Johnny can read as well as he wants, he'd rather just play Nintendo.

Chap 2a - Testing:
Would you hire a moron to umpire a baseball game?

Chap 2b - Vouchers
Why not give private and parochial school administrators a raise?

Chapter 3 - Gun Control:
A well regulated militia…..

Chapter 4 - Free Speech:
Advocating distribution of pictures of nude women doesn't equal actual distribution.

Chapter 5 - Taxes:
In theory if my money were well spent 100% taxes might relieve a lot of stress. In practice, the Libertarians got the right idea.

Chapter 6 - The Economy
Higher Inflation due to Interest Rate Hikes

Chapter 7 - Unions:
Every American worker should belong to a Union - With a lot of work we might just create one worth the dues.

Chapter 8 - Health Care:
It's because we're willing to spend so much that it cost so much!

Chapter 9 - Abortion

Chapter 10 - Sex in the White House:
The ultimate goal

Section 3 - Anything but Politics

Chapter 1 - Short Stories
a) Perfect and Peaceful
b) A Night at a Bar

Chapter 2 - Great Ideas
Guaranteed to make someone rich

Chapter 3 - Recipes
-- Gobs
-- Corn Fritters

Chapter 4 - A Fad Diet that works
Better for others' since I lost just ten pounds

Chapter 5 - Creating a Web page (Available once more web site knowledge achieved)
You don't have to spend $140 on Front Page

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